WordPress Font Customization

This article explains how to use non-standard fonts in WordPress posts and pages.

The essence of how to do this is:

  • In WP use the appearance menu and select “customize”
  • Select “Additional CSS” (near the bottom of the menu list)
  • Generate a “class” using .xxxx{….} where xxxx will be the selector
  • In the body of the class use the “font-family” attribute to select the required font (which must be one that exists on the target system, see later)
  • Add any other specific attributes that you want e.g. size, colour etc.
  • Save the custom css
  • In the page where you want to use the font, use the code editor to insert an html tag <span class=”xxxx”> ….your text….</span>

We only use “web safe” fonts, i.e. those that are embedded in most operating systems.
A full list of MS Windows 10 available fonts is here.
A list of the usually installed Linux fonts varies but can be found by using the fc-list command.
Some of the most popular are:

Times New RomanArial Black
Old English Text MTGaramond
Courier NewPerpetua
VerdanaLucida Console
Arial NarrowBrush Script MT
CandaraLucida Bright
Comic SansConsolas